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This week’s discussion activity will ask you to reflect on the content from the last two modules and how various fields of study are interconnected and contribute to one another. How might certain skills, specifically “soft skills” be transferrable across all fields of study? Consider what “soft skills” you hope to gain from your course of study. That is, what do you think you might gain from the core curriculum or your major that could prepare you for any career rather than one specific job? In particular, you want to reflect on how your course of study could help you to become more creative, curious, and empathetic. 

For this discussion activity, follow the following steps in the Discussion area in this learning module.

  • Step one: Identify a way in which either the core curriculum or your major helps you to develop skills related to creativity, curiosity, and/or empathy. Explain in a few sentences how this might be helpful in the workplace of the future. What would be an example of a career in which creativity, curiosity, or empathy would be an asset?
  • Step two: Comment on another student’s post by making a suggestion for another potential job or career in which the skills they describe could be useful. 

Discussion Expectations and Grading Criteria

The assignment will be evaluated using two major criteria: relevance and thoughtfulness.

Relevance: Full credit will be earned by discussion participation that:

  • Follows the directions in the discussion prompt
  • Includes specific examples to illustrate key points
  • Includes sufficient information to contribute to an ongoing discussion

Thoughtfulness: Full credit will be earned by discussion participation that:

  • Provides clear evidence of creative thinking about the conceptual problem raised by the discussion
  • Provides evidence of the willingness to think critically and creatively

Discussion Submission Instructions

  1. From the Communication dropdown menu, choose Discussions.
  2. Select the discussion for this module.
  3. Complete the four steps listed above.

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