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Spiritual care consists of different tools that can assist and make the conversation easier and genuine. “A person’s spirituality and faith values impact his or her understanding of illness as well as health care decisions” (Evans, 2020). I feel that my personal strengths in facilitating spiritual care include my ability to communicate with my patients or their support system. I feel that the way I approach them and talk with them allows them to feel comfortable to discuss the more personal details such as end of life decisions or other spiritual considerations. I feel one of my weaknesses is that I often times don’t always feel I have the right thing to say in certain situations and feel awkward but I think with more experience this will become something that isn’t my weak point in spiritual care.

If I was the patient, my loved ones would have the ethical decisions making in difficult situations. I am not married yet but if I were it would be my husband who would make the ethical decisions but until that time comes; I would have my brother make any decisions for me because I know he would make the decisions that I would wish for.

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