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question: From the readings in you textbook, you have learned about Plato, Aristotle and other philosophers within the Greek culture. Some people say, “We should not study and learn about the secular philosophies taught by the Greeks because they are not Christian based.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give specific reasons why you have come to your conclusions by citing specific philosophies.  Remember to site your sources if you have some. (275-350 words)  

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rawls book:

ch, 7-8  Greek Philosophy and humanist legacy.

Education and Philosophy The Greeks called the two bases of their education ‘’music” and “gymnastic.” Music embraced all that was sacred to the Muses, goddesses of all arts and sciences. Gymnastic was physical education conducted in an exercise ground called the gymnasium, a word that means “the naked place,” since Greek exercises and sports were practiced in the nude.

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