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10. Keeping in mind the whole array of problems that must be solved, create as at least two different courses of action, each of which seems likely to solve these problems. Be specific and practical.

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a. In creating courses of action, you should carefully consider at what level (e.g. individual, team, department, organization) action must be taken.

b. In creating courses of action, you also must think carefully about how much specificity is required. In a manufacturing case, for example, you will have to decide whether to model each step in the production process separately, or to treat the production process as a “black box” with raw materials as inputs and finished products as outputs.

11. For each possible course of action, think through the consequences. Almost every action has negative as well as positive consequences. Think carefully about: a. how each course of action will be perceived by each stakeholder; b. how each course of action will affect other problems that must be resolved; c. the difficulties you will encounter in actually implementing the course of action under consideration; d. how implementing the course of action you propose may create new problems; and, e. how uncertainties in your evidence and assumptions you have made during your analysis might affect the courses of action that you are considering. Consider what you can do to prepare for the possibility that the assumptions you made might prove to be wrong.

12. Decide on a set of recommendations.

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a. Prepare a rationale for your recommendations, based on other elements of your analysis, that anticipates challenges and counter-arguments that are likely to made by others; b. Create a plan for implementing your recommendations; and,  c. Establish criteria for assessing how well the implementation plan is working.


Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Accountability at St. Martin de Porres High School (A and B)

  CASE STUDY by  Liz Livingston HowardSachin WaikarGail Berger

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