Week 2 milestone | dissertation


Milestone 2: Research Method Part 1

Work with your dissertation chair to determine any specific instructions or guidance that he or she may have for you.

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One outcome of a good literature review is a clear theoretical frame for your research study. The review helps answer why your research is needed, provides the major theories that undergird your research, and develops the research questions and hypotheses (as appropriate) for your study.

A well-done literature review with its theoretical frame should make selection of a research method fairly clear. Although mixed-method approaches are possible, in simple terms, a theoretical frame that identifies clear factors in hypothesized relationships leads to quantitative methods. A theoretical frame that does not identify clear factors in hypothesized relationships leads to qualitative methods.

Chapter 3 of your dissertation articulates the research method and design for your study. Your method and design choices must flow rationally from your umbrella question to your theoretical frame to your method. Further, each of your method and design choices must be supported by literature. In other words, you must defend why your choices are appropriate.

The Dissertation Proposal Template for BUS8105 will help you address the needed items for your methods section. However, different designs require different components. Be sure to work with your dissertation chair to determine what adjustments may be needed.

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For this assignment, draft part 1 of the methods chapter, including:

  • Restatement of the purpose/question
  • Research method
  • Research design
  • Population/Sample or participants

Important Note: Dissertation writing is highly recursive. As you write material in one section, you may need to make some adjustments or additions in other sections in order to build a cohesive document. For example, your selection of method, design, and participants will likely create some changes for your chapter 1. As you wait for feedback from your dissertation chair/committee, use the time to draft some of those adjustments.

Submission Details:

  • Submit part 1 of the methods section, including appropriate documentation to support your choices.
  • Use APA style in preparing your paper and citing references.
  • Post the paper to the Milestone 2 Submissions Area.
  • Notify your dissertation chair (e.g., via e-mail) when you have submitted the topic paper.

Note: A successful dissertation requires self-directed behaviors. To successfully pass each dissertation course, you must successfully complete (pass) each milestone presented in the course materials. Additionally, you must complete the milestones in the order they are presented in the course. The tasks in some milestones may take you more than a week to complete. Finish each milestone before you move on to the next milestone. In your planning, also allow time for feedback from your instructor and revisions as part of completing each task.

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