Purpose there is no mid-term for this course. instead, each student


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There is no mid-term for this course. Instead, each student is required to select for their final project one or more of the cultural emotions listed in the table below (see below) and conduct a content analysis using the identities and social relations of class/social status, gender, racial/ethnic, culture, sexuality, and social movements. The materials/research for the content analysis can include one or more of the following: media (film, television, news broadcasts), popular culture magazines, advertisements, music, public policy, the local built environment of downtown Los Angeles.


You are required to turn in a draft Statement of the Problem for your content analysis by midterm to receive feedback and suggestions. The Statement of the Problem for your content analysis is due Friday March 18th, 2022 by 11:59 pm. Please upload to canvas (100-point assessment on progress and work completed). (See attached Statement of Problem Outline).

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