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Discussion – Salesperson Evaluation (700 – 900 words)

Later in the semester, armed with knowledge of the selling process, go shopping for something that you truly intend to buy someday. The item must be over $500 in value. Think about something interesting and complex. Your objective is to observe the selling skills of the salesperson that you encounter and assess their selling skills against the selling model we have been studying. 

– Briefly describe the product. Identify the specific features of the product and why you want it.

– Briefly describe your specific needs. What do you want the product to do for you? What are the deal breakers that would prevent you from buying it?

– Evaluate the salesperson and their use of the selling skills we have been studying.

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             – First impression – Clothing, greeting, appearance, handshake.

             – Connection/Rapport building

             – Needs Analysis

             – Needs Satisfaction/F&B’s

             – Objection Handling

             – Commitment

– Buyer experience – How did the salesperson make you feel? Would you buy from them?

– Salesperson Rating – Based upon your experience with the salesperson (i.e. not the product features), what grade (A-Excellent through F-Failure) would you give them? Why that grade?

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