British isles & uk assignment

Title of Assignment:  The British Isles and United Kingdom 

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Major Heading #1:  The British Isles and United Kingdom Defined

Describe the land masses of the British Isles, meaning what countries comprise the British Isles and which ones are considered part of the United Kingdom?  How would you describe the land, natural resources, and food sources available?

Major Heading #2:  History and Culture of the British Isles

Describe the history and culture as well as the food patterns of each country within the Isles/UK.  Include the religion(s) practiced (you may have to go on line for this information) and holidays celebrated?  What are several of the famous food dishes you can expect if visiting this area of the world (describe at least 5). 

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Heading #3:  My Opinion and Curiosities  

Give your opinion of the British Isles and this culture in comparison to the United States.  How do those from the United States behave differently?  What are some similarities besides speaking English as our first language?  If you were to travel to the British Isles, what would you like to do while there, foods you would like to try, and sites you would like to see?  

Total Length: 5 Including Cover Page and Reference Page with APA style format

Use 12 point font in Times Roman style.

Use .5 (1/2 inch) inch margins on top, bottom, and both sides.

Justify the text with the right side “ragged” (not full-justification).

Start each new paragraph sentence with an indentation.

Bold major headings and indent the headings 5 spaces from the left margin.  For subheadings, please Italicize the heading, indent 5 spaces additionally under the major headings.

Supply a separate Cover Sheet with the following information:  Balanced on the page from the top and bottom: Above the official First Line, type the number of the Assignment  #1. First official line, center the topic of your assignment. Double space under the title and add your first and last name in upper and lower case, again centered.  Double space under your name and add the Date in this format:  Month, day, year.  Double space under the date and add the Term (Summer 2022).  Double space under the Term and Add the Name of the Course, HFT 2890-International Food and Culture.  This page will NOT have a page number.  This is page is not included in the total pages required.

Number the pages of the body of the assignment only. The page numbers are to be centered at the bottom of the page. 

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