Risk analysis (risk management plan)

Require a PPT and APA formatted document. Use the RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN template to create the document and follow the Project template to create PPT

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HLD is provided in Project Health Network Visual

Residency Written Assignment Instructions


As discussed in this course, risk management is an important process for all organizations. This is particularly true in information systems, which provides critical support for organizational missions. The heart of risk management is a formal risk management plan. The project activities described in this document allow you to fulfill the role of an employee participating in the risk management process in a specific business situation.

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Submission Requirements 

All project submissions should follow this format: 

· Format: Microsoft Word 

· Cover page with all group members names

· Minimum 8 pages (not including reference page(s), or title page)

· Table of contents page

· Font: Arial, 10-point, double-space 

· APA Citation Style 


You are an information technology (IT) intern working for Health Network, Inc. (Health Network), a fictitious health services organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Health Network has over 600 employees throughout the organization and generates $500 million USD in annual revenue. The company has two additional locations in Portland, Oregon and Arlington, Virginia, which support a mix of corporate operations. Each corporate facility is located near a co-location data center, where production systems are located and managed by third-party data center hosting vendors.

Company Products 

Health Network has three main products: HNetExchange, HNetPay, and HNetConnect. 

HNetExchange is the primary source of revenue for the company. The service handles secure electronic medical messages that originate from its customers, such as large hospitals, which are then routed to receiving customers such as clinics.

HNetPay is a Web portal used by many of the company’s HNetExchange customers to support the management of secure payments and billing. The HNetPay Web portal, hosted at Health Network production sites, accepts various forms of payments and interacts with credit-card processing organizations much like a Web commerce shopping cart. 

HNetConnect is an online directory that lists doctors, clinics, and other medical facilities to allow Health Network customers to find the right type of care at the right locations. It contains doctors’ personal information, work addresses, medical certifications, and types of services that the doctors and clinics offer. Doctors are given credentials and are able to update the information in their profile. Health Network customers, which are the hospitals and clinics, connect to all three of the company’s products using HTTPS connections. Doctors and potential patients are able to make payments and update their profiles using Internet-accessible HTTPS Web sites.

Information Technology Infrastructure Overview 

Health Network operates in three production data centers that provide high availability across the company’s products. The data centers host about 1,000 production servers, and Health Network maintains 650 corporate laptops and company-issued mobile devices for its employees. 

Additional Information

– Server breakdown

o 100 Windows Server 2008 

o 900 Windows Server 2016

– Laptop breakdown

o 500 Windows 10

o 50 Windows XP

o 100 Linux


Graded Deliverable 1

As a group, develop the following:

1. A risk management plan to include the following sections:

1. Use the template provided

2. Must include all sections identified in the template

3. Must include at least 20 identified risks

4. Must include a list of at least 40 “mitigating” controls in place and identify what asset they apply to

5. Must write mitigation plans for the top 10 risks

Graded Deliverable 2

2. A presentation to include

1. A description of the top 5 risks you identified for Health Network

2. The reason why you ranked these as the top 5 risks

3. An explanation of each risk

4. The controls currently in place to mitigate the risk

5. The proposed mitigation plan to reduce the risk

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