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Discussion Board 6 


TITLE Imitation and Infant Development

Introduction: Let’s  think about imitation and  why that is so important in infant  development. Take some time to review NCFELD for activities that promote  imitation and see what Domains are involved.

Respond to the following discussion question for this module.

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The  older infant (eight to twelve months) is beginning to do a great deal  of imitating. What developmental purpose does this behavior serve? What  activities can you use from NCFELD to promote this skill?  List the  Subdomain and Goal that is impacted by activities that promote  imitation. 


Chapter 4, pages 87-104 in textbook, NCFELD , and outside websites.


Participation is measured by posting an initial post/thread in a timely fashion, allowing other students time to respond.

One new/initial thread and at least two thoughtful responses to different classmates. Check for Spelling and Grammar error.

To Submit

Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.

A  thoughtful opening response will consider use of references from the  text so others can find your information is based on facts and research  and not an opinion. For example, On page 35 in the text book it states  “the effects of children at risk. I have found that classroom behavior  can be affected when children come to school hungry, here is what  happened.”

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