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Environmental Trends 

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*This assignment is to make you aware of social changes that may have an impact on Marketing and how these changes (and similar changes) will affect the way businesses will attract or retain customers. Use these examples to guide you to a marketing analysis. Do not repeat what Dr. Strutton has mentioned in his book! Tell me how this will changehow businesses will market to their customers.*

The failure of contemporary men to complete college at rates similar to modern women is playing out as still-rising unbalanced sex ratios that increasingly prevail at the lower end of the American economic spectrum—essentially because comparatively fewer numbers of marriageable men are available to comparatively larger numbers of marriageable women. This ratio, first, makes men more cad-like and unreliable. This ration, second, make women more likely to give up on men and invest more heavily in themselves. Marketing opportunities and threats abound, emerging from this trend.

Many US men have lost serious ground economically, making them less marriageable. Yes, men have lost economic ground largely due to their comparative lack of education. College-educated women, by contrast, live in social worlds where the proportions of marriageable men to marriageable women are more equivalent, because the men they find in their meet-markets typically enjoy more stable and higher incomes and embrace more egalitarian views of childcare and housework. Why care about this? Not simply because as marriage goes also go notions and principles of what constitutes the right size and role of government. Myriad marketing threats and opportunities arise, yet again.

Discussion Assignment

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In this Discussion Assignment, you will discover and interpret 2 marketing opportunities and 2 marketing threats that will emerge from these economic trends. Prepare a minimum of 150-word essay describing 2 marketing opportunities and 2 marketing threats that arise for companies operating today. You must also reply to 2 of your peers discussing these environmental trends. Each reply must be 3 to 4 sentences (at least 50 words per reply). Label your marketing threats and opportunities! Do not make me search or guess what your answers are to these questions. Spellcheck and grammar check your essay before you submit it. You may use 1 citation but I want to hear your opinions. Original thought means more than 150 words of citations. 

Students must follow the Engagement Guidelines given to you in the course syllabus addressing online communication tips. See these Engagement Guidelines (https://clear.unt.edu/online-communication-tips) for more information.

Read over the grading rubric for any grading questions.   

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