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Topic; Examining Runway incursions at SEATAC Airport

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1.) Select/finalize your aviation topic based on your specialization(s) 2.) State the problem – the problem is….; 3.) State the hypotheses – based on the problem the outcomes will be this way or that way – state in proper academic format; 4.) Identify your supporting data from published sources and the literature. (Best not to plan on doing your own survey as the approval process can take up to 10-12 weeks for the institution and each organization you’d survey) (It is important to have substantial enough data for a p=.05 significance factor); 5.) State the statistical process you’ll use on the data – quantitative or qualitative; 6.) State the statistical method you’ll use for data analysis (will be based on your data; but use the simplest one for the data sets) – annova, t-test, chi-sq, correlational analysis though scatter plotting, Mann-Whitney U, Kruskal-Wallis; or a qualitative method like Case Study, etc. (regardless pick one you’re familiar with and may have used); 7.) State the results – that is how the hypotheses would be proved or disproved; 9.) Format in the expected format and using the APA manual; 

Specializations; Aviation operations and Aviation safety

Attached is an example of the capstone project you can use the references because it is the same topic but do not simply copy and paste. Use FAA data also attached for incursions for Seatac Airport in washington State

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