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 There are many ethical dilemmas that nurses are faced with regardless of where they work or practice.  Unresolved ethical dilemmas can lead to moral distress, compassion fatigue, burnout, and other forms of psychological distress. 

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View What Keeps Nurses Up at Night (5:30 minutes) below to hear nurses from various practice areas describe ethical dilemmas that are meaningful to them: 

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. (2014, August 21). What Keeps Nurses Up At Night? (5:30 minutes). This video has a transcript. Download This video has a transcript.

In your initial discussion post, please address the following questions, based on your readings and research:

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  1. Describe an ethical dilemma you have encountered in your health care experiences that “kept you up at night” – something that weighed on your conscience, morals or values. 
  2. Identify what ethical principles relate to the situation you described. 
  3. Describe how you would use the American Nurses Association Code for Nurses (p. 105, Taylor) to help you resolve the ethical dilemma.

In-text citation needed. 

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