Yes, one could say that the whole kit and caboodle is important, but

 Yes, one could say that the whole kit and caboodle is important, but there are definitely more important parts than others for us today. So what are they? Let’s figure it out together, specifically: 1) Go to the DISCUSSION BOARD forum called “1.4: The most important article of the Constitution, and the most important amendment” 2) Reply to the thread I posted there already, finishing this statement: “The most important article of the Constitution is . . .” 3) Finish the abovementioned statement in at least 100 words. 4) In your reply, use specifically-cited material from Chapter 2 and a quote from this handy-dandy Constitution of the United States I’ve linked for you here: 5) Now go to the thread I posted called “The most important amendment to the Constitution . . .” and finish that statement in at least 100 words. Be sure to use specifically-cited material in Chapter 2 in your statement, and feel free to refer to this list of the first 12 amendments: or the rest of them: book needed government 10 by sidlow and henschen 

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