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Part 4:

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Develop Part 4 of your operations plan and then assemble the final document by adding Part 4. PLEASE ONLY DO 3 PAGES! I have parts 1-3. I just need Part 4 

  • Explain the corporate practice of medicine requirements and the impact if they are violated.
  • Explain the differences between protections extended to the employer-employee relationship and an independent contractor relationship.
  • Describe a feature of an effective compensation plan for physicians and why it is effective.
  • The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has established a set of guidelines, that physician practices should follow when creating a compliance plan. (pg. 508 of the textbook)
  • Explain which OIG guideline would be significant for a small practice to include in their compliance plan and why.
  • Determine how technology can be used to prevent malpractices. Provide a specific example.
  • Evaluate the move from simple doctors’ offices to sophisticated healthcare facilities, explain what has caused this move, and the impacts on health care.

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