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For this week’s blackboard discussion, I’d like you to read & consider “Performance Measurement Sea Change” in “Managing Local Government:  Cases in Effectiveness”. As we talked about during class this week, “Performance Measurement” is a key public sector trend and an area of intensive focus for many municipalities. Building on our class discussion, please craft a brief response to the following questions, which stem from the case. Remember that this is a case study review and I am not as concerned with “accuracy” in the traditional sense, I am more interested in your ability to reflect on the situation and provide a reasoned response. Please limit your post to no more than 2-3 paragraphs. 

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1- What factors are hindering the OPM Director and her team in reforming Rockland’s performance measurement system?

2- What should Sanders and her team do to build support for performance measurement across departments?

3- Considering the limited measurement and reporting across departments, what types of information should appear in the mayor’s report on his first 100 days in office?

4- How should the OPM Director address the mayor’s eagerness to include citizens in Rockland’s performance assessment? What strategy should she recommend for involving citizens in any performance assessment? 

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