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Directions: Write a 3-paragraph essay that focuses on the flood story from your reading of Genesis. Use the guidelines below to draft your essay. The essay should be entirely in your own words. Essays containing plagiarized material, excessive grammar errors, or unnecessary spelling mistakes will receive a grade of 0. Grading information is also included below.

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The introduction paragraph should:

  • Begin with an attention getter
  • Include a summary (in your own words) of Genesis
  • End with a thesis statement

The body paragraph should:

  • Begin with a topic sentence
  • Discuss the main characters, general plot, and themes of the flood story from your reading of Genesis
  • End with a conclusion sentence

The conclusion paragraph should:

  • Include a restatement of the thesis statement in new wording
  • Include a mention of the main points of the essay
  • Leave the reader with a final thought


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  • 10% MLA format
  • 20% Clear thesis statement that is on topic
  • 20% At least one page in length
  • 50% Content & understanding of the reading assignment

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