Art appreciation powerpoint “shock the public”


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1) Choose a controversial artwork from 1980-21st century.  Do not choose an artwork illustrated in the Sayre textbook.

2) Explain its significance, and why the public rejected it. 

3) What was the artist’s intent or message?  

4) What is the artwork’s merit or relevance for contemporary art today?

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5) Censor pornography, defamation and obscenities (which are illegal within a college classroom) with black strips.

6) Begin your research at this website: (Links to an external site.)

7) Is controversial art an important part of our modern society?  Is it essential to uphold the Constitution’s First Amendment rightto freedom of speech?  Are there or should there be exceptions?

8) Was there litigation against the artist? Was the artist forced to remove the artwork? Who complained about the artwork and why?

9) Prepare 3-5 slide powerpoint presentation in which you choose an artwork; paste the jpegs into the file; label it completely (Artist. Title. Date. Media. Location).

10) Use bullet points for research. Do not plagiarize websites.

11) List your Works Cited on the last slide.

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