12 individual question (psychology) each questions must be 100


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1. Trait Theorists vs. Neo-Freudians (100 words)

2. Commonalities of Freudians and Behaviorists (100 words)

3.  Humanist Counselors using Cognitive principles (100 words)

4. Behaviorists vs. Humanists’ Treatment of Anger (about 100 words)

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5. Freud’s relevance today (about 100 words)

6. Importance of genetics and the extravert-introvert question in Biologists’ theory (100 words)

7. What would be the Cognitivist view on the behavior of one
unsuccessful person you’ve observed? (100 words)

8. The Behaviorists’ explanation of a second, but annoying person you’ve observed. (100 words) (about 100 words)

9. Explain anxiety from the Freudian Perspective (100)words)

10.  Provide the assumptions and methodology of your Personality Assessment. (100 words)

11. Explain in simple language only 1 item that the test is supposed to measure (about 100 words)

12. Rate this Assessment (1=low, 10=high) for R (Reliability) and V: (Validity). Explain. (About 100 words)

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