Week 3 reflection paper (for dr. noorfatima)


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This week, we focus on the topic of gentrification, displacement and considerations for the different sides of the policy challenges for affordable housing. 

Drawing upon the Assignments and Reading this week, compose a 3 page paper (750-word, double-spaced with additional reference page and in-text citation) on this topic. Please address at least 2 of the following within your paper along with your own reflection, analysis and critical insight. (Please feel free to respond to all three questions if this topic moves you

1. Is gentrification a good or bad thing for cities? Why or why? 

2. Consider different ways to benchmark city policies for development that would address the success/failure for gentrification of a neighborhood. What techniques would you recommend and why? 

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3.Thinking back to the Bourdain episode, how can cultural authenticity, particularly created via vibrant immigrant or minority communities, be impacted or protected by gentrification? Can they co-exist? Explain your thoughts.  

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