Critical thinking 7 | Human Resource Management homework help

CTQ1. Read the Minicase from Chapter 12 or Chapter 13. Answer all the Discussion Questions in the end of this Minicase.

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CTQ2. Pick one question to answer from the following list. Use your own language. Copying from the textbook will result in 0 points.

  • What are the idiosyncratic main capabilities of smart devices? How may they challenge current business models?
  • Explain the difference between smart devices and wearables, giving specific examples.
  • What is the meaning of the acronym BYOD? How might BYOD or BYOW trends impact existing information systems?
  • Identify two DDSs that you believe are relevant in a sport and suggest an IT-dependent strategic initiative based on both of them.
  • What is virtual reality? How is virtual reality different from augmented reality and mixed reality? Give examples.
  • What is digital manufacturing? How is digital manufacturing set to transform current offering, operations, and competition?
  • What is machine learning? Discuss how they are different from traditional statistics methods.
  • Define deep learning and discuss its main characteristics and limitations.
  • What is AI? How is machine learning different from human learning? Use examples.
  • Which machine learning approach would you use if you had to build a system to predict consumers’ credit risk and you had past knowledge of the transactions and the delinquency rate on loans?
  • What is the difference between data mining and machine learning? Use examples.
  • What is a blockchain? What are the main properties of blockchains?
  • Imagine that you have just been hired by a retail financial institution. How would you explain to your CEO that she needs to get involved in information security decisions?
  • What security challenges does cloud storage post on companies?
  • What can be done to improve the security of business uses of the Internet? Give several examples of security measures and technologies you would use.
  • What are the three costs associated with information systems security? What is the relationship among them?
  • Define what is meant by internal and external threats. How do the two differ? How are they related?
  • Define and provide an example of each of the different types of intrusion threats. Describe the appropriate countermeasure for each of your examples.
  • Define and provide an example of each of the different types of malicious code threats. Describe the appropriate countermeasure.
  • What is a denial-of-service attack? Why are these attacks particularly dangerous?
  • What is the “kill chain”? Can you describe the inspiring principles of Lockheed’s Cyber Kill framework?
  • How is privacy defined? What are the principal privacy risks? Can you provide examples of each one?
  • What are the principal challenges associated with information systems ethics?

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