Philosophy argument analysis and critical discussion

all students will be required to turn in two things:

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1) A 250-500 word argument analysis of a paper of their choosing (anything assigned in the course). An analysis is not a summary of the paper but an analysis of the paper’s main argument. The analysis should clearly state the author’s thesis, which premises the authorargues from and how she reaches her conclusion. Analyses will be evaluated based primarily on accuracy and clarity of writing.

2) A 250-500 word critical discussion of the argument. The critical discussion should raise substantive criticisms of the argument being discussed. Does the author argue from false premises? Do her premises not entail her conclusion? Are there potential objections to the argument that the author does not consider?

I NEED both of these and they both have to be about the same article no plagiarism.. I will attach the article I chose. also if this helps I took some notes in class if u need :

– Write argument analysis And raise an original objection 

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-Reflect of content of article 

-Need word count on top of paper 

-Critical discussion you are raising an objection from ur own mind from the author ur considering 

-Know which is argument analysis and critical discussion 

-Argument analysis is a breakdown on the author no criticism of the author .. how is the argument suppose to work.. 

-Zero in on what ur gunna talk about 

-Reader has sufficient info on what ur talking about

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