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Project 1B:Business Letter Assignment

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ENG Due Date: Friday, January 29 by 11:59pm EST

Final Draft Setup Requirement: 

•Polished, properly formatted, one-page letter 

•Single spaced •11 or 12-point Times New Roman font 

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WHAT: Write a 1-page business letter appropriate for the professional workplace.   

HOW: The Business letter will be addressed to a classmate and will 

•capture the classmate’s attention; 

•describe (briefly) the steps of process writing; 

•present a persuasive argument to motivate the classmate to use steps in process writing in development of his/her written assignments throughout the semester; 

•demonstrate your knowledge of process writing, your ability to craft a professional letter, and your skill at persuading a reader to action. 

Here are general tips to help you write effective business letters:

  • Type the letter on 8.5” x 11” paper with 1-inch margins on the top and sides.
  • Use a professional-looking font (Times New Roman, Arial) in 11 or 12-point size.
  • Ensure the completed letter contains the following sections and information:
    • Sender’s address
    • Date (with 2 to 4 spaces above and below the date)
    • Intended reader’s address
    • Salutation (2 to 4 spaces above and below the salutation)
    • Letter body (single space lines within paragraphs; double space lines between them)Complimentary close (2 spaces before the complimentary close and 4 spaces after it to allow room for the signed name of sender)
      • Introduction that states what you are writing about and why you are writing
      • Well organized discussion giving details of your topic
      • Conclusion giving directive action and a positive ending
    • Signed name of sender
    • Typed name of sender

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