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Power Point on the MUSCULAR SYSTEM

Power Point Requirements:

· Include clear, well-sized, unlabeled images

o Choose images without labels, or remove the labels. You will be expected to explain the images in your own words.

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 Include key points and terms (use bullets, not paragraphs).

· Show the anatomy briefly and progress to show physiology.

· Power point should be creative and visually appealing.

· Include four (4) references cited in current APA format and Include at least one non-Internet source.

Presentation Requirements:

· Present the anatomy and physiology of your topic.

o Anatomy should be briefly covered, and physiology should be explained in depth.

· You will be expected to refer to and explain the images, terms, and key points on your power point

· You may use note cards as a guide during your presentation; however, you may not read from them.

o If you read from the note cards, it will be interpreted as an indication that you do not understand the material.

· Include an interactive component.

o At the end, include a game, demonstration, or other interactive activity in which a classmate from the “audience” can participate.


· Your presentation should be approximately 15 minutes long.

o Describe anatomy (2 minutes)

o Describe and discuss physiology in depth (10 minutes)

o Interaction (3 minutes)

·  A minimum of 4 references cited in current APA format (include at least one non-Internet source). You may not cite instructor handouts or notes.

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