juvenile justice and current events

 Stories related to juvenile justice are in the news nearly every day. Please identify a current news story and include this story within your post, along with a brief description of how this story relates to the content of the course.

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Please be sure that you include the following:

  1. A personal reaction to the story.
  2. Integration of an assessment related to why this event occurred and the interconnection between micro and macro practice in supporting the client, population, or community. 
  3. Identification of TWO social work theories, one micro theory, and one macro theory, that can be used to understand and support your assessment of the rationale behind the situation occurring.  Please be sure to identify at least two concepts and propositions from the theory, as well as how they can be used for this client scenario. 
  4. Discussion of the elements of social justice and human rights that are present within the news story.  

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