One page essay about the word “garden”

Write one page essay about the word “Garden”. Read both articles CAREFULLY and write one page about the word “Garden” and how both article talk about Gardens.

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Write a 250-300 word short essay about the word “Garden” that provides a critical analysis of the key ideas of the readings through the framework of the word “Garden”. Use specific examples and/or select quotes from the readings to support your analysis, but do not lose sight of the big picture. Keep in mind the time frame of the reading, as well as our overall focus on architecture and urbanism. 

 Text should be 11 point size minimum, 1 ½ line spacing. Include your name, the date, and your architecture mailbox number (once you have it) on the page. Essays must be spell-checked, and must be written with correct grammar.  


This is not a book report; focus on ideas, not authors, and focus on analysis, NOT SUMMARY. Always have a topic sentence to establish the overall analysis and to set up the organization of the essay. 

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