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Write a 750- to 1050-word paper on the interview. Include the following:


· Site information: Teacher’s name, grade level, location description, and type of classroom

Teacher’s name: Mrs. Perere

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Grade level: Pre-K

Location Description: North Corbin Elementary

Type of Classroom: The type of classroom environment that a Mrs. Perere created was that she encourages her student’s ability to learn and feel comfortable as a member of the class.

· Summary of teacher’s response to the interview questions


· An explanation of the importance of using developmental theory in the classroom


· A reflection of your interview experience


Post, along with your paper, a summary or graphic representation of an item from your observation and interview that you might use to support development in one of the domains. This could be a lesson plan, a classroom management idea, a poster, a bulletin board idea, or any other item that you might incorporate. If you did not find an artifact you could use, suggest one the teacher could have used to support development in the classroom and answer the bulleted questions above. Answer the following questions about your item:


· How did the teacher incorporate this into the classroom?


· How might you incorporate this into your classroom?


· What theory is this item based on?


· How does this support development?


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