Recursion and iteration discussion | Computer Science homework help

 Write a response to the discussion below about recursion and iteration with a minimum of 150 words.

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   In both recursion and iteration, a set of instructions is executed  repeatedly. In recursion, the method making the call and the method  being called is the same method (GeeksforGeeks, 2019). In iteration, a  loop repeats until a certain set condition is met (GeeksforGeeks, 2019).  Conditional statements terminate recursion and set values control  iteration termination. Recursion may utilize less code, but it has the  potential to create a lot of overhead because it is constantly calling  methods (Recursion (computer science), 2021). Because Iteration relies  on loops, it is much easier to find the time complexity of using  iteration versus recursion (GeeksforGeeks, 2019). Because the time  complexity of recursion due to overhead can be very large, it can lead  to system crash. There is no danger of this with iteration since it  relies on loops exclusively, which do not use as much overhead to  operate. Keeping this in mind, if the number of calls will be large and  speedy operation is essential, then iteration would be a better method  to use. If time and overhead are not an issue but tidy code is,  recursion is the better choice. Recursion involves breaking complex  problems down into increasingly smaller subproblems to make them easily  solvable (Recursion (computer science), 2021). In other words, the  solution to the bigger problem can be found in the solution to the  smaller problem. As such, it is suited for finding solutions to complex  programming problems. If you know how many times you will need to loop a  block of code, or the problem is a simplistic one, then iteration is a  straightforward and easy way to solve the problem. Certain data  structures work better using recursion or iteration, so it is important  to take this into consideration when choosing which data structure to  use.

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