A.describes clients response to nursing interventions


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Admissions Assessment

a.Included primary and secondary medical diagnoses 10 points_____

b.Included definitions for primary and secondary

Medical diagnoses

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c.Included nursing assessment data: physiological,

spiritual psychological, developmental, and socio-cultural.

Pathophysiology, Lab & Diagnostic10 points _____

a.Discussed the pathophysiology r/t medical


b.Identified significant lab and diagnostic data

and their interpretation as it relates to the client

Nursing Diagnosis 20 points_____

  • Identified at least 3 problems based on assessment data
  • Prioritized Nursing diagnoses based on Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • All three parts of the nursing diagnoses are appropriate

of Needs, and ABC’s (airway, breathing, circulation)

Planning 20 points_____a.Goals are appropriate (2)

b.Outcomes are measurable (6))

c.Outcomes are specific and relate to the nursing diagnoses

Nursing Interventions20 points_____

a.Therapeutic interventions reflect: (5)

1.cultural congruence

2.therapeutic communication

3.ethical consideration

4.legal standards

5.caring and concern

b. Nursing interventions are stated as dependent,

independent, or collaborative

c.Rationales are listed for nursing interventions.

(text & journal articles)

Evaluation20 points_____

a.Describes clients response to nursing interventions

b.States the extent to which each outcome has been obtained

c.Determines the extent to which overall goals have been met

d. Reflects current data collected by the student.

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