Cell biology | Biology homework help

You are required to write an illustrated report that includes the sections outlined:
Show that you understand basic cell structure by providing written commentary that covers the following criteria. You should use diagrams and/or comparison tables to support your commentary where appropriate.
• Discuss the selected characteristics of living cells.
• Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, and explain the impact that viruses have on them.
• Discuss eukaryotic sub-cellular structure and organelles.
Demonstrate that you understand cellular metabolism through explanation of the following areas:
• The role of the cell membrane in regulating how nutrients are gained and waste products lost.
• How animal cells use nutrients to provide the energy for growth, movement, and cell division.
• The synthesis of proteins.
Include diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.
Demonstrate that you understand how cells grow and divide through explanation of the following areas:
• The generation of specialised tissues from embryonic stem cells.
• The importance of interphase.
• The factors the initiate cell division.
• How the same genetic information is received by each daughter cell.
• This section also requires you to compare and contrast cancer cells with normal cells.
You should use diagrams and/or comparison tables to support your commentary where appropriate.

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