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Identify the purpose of the report and identify your chosen audience.

Present your analysis of the data from Week 6 to stakeholders of your choice in a PowerPoint® Presentation of 15 slides with speaker notes. Identify your audience and state the purpose of the presentation. Include a discussion of how the results can inform the stakeholder of the effectiveness of the instruction that followed the pretest.

Discuss the differences on test performance across five classes, if possible.

Provide a brief discussion or interpretation of the data. Do not merely present the data, as data needs to be interpreted. Address any outliers or anomalies such as learners who did better on the pretest than on the posttest. End with a recommendation for instructional improvement, if warranted. 

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Include any tables or graphs to display your analysis findings as appendices.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines, reserving citations for the speaker notes.

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