What do you know to be true?


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What do you know to be true?

This paper asks you to explain your spiritual autobiography –reflecting on “what you know to be true” integrated with the theological sources of knowledge and the readings we have been assigned so far. Remember, atheists and agnostics also have made spiritual decisions and metaphysical claims that impact their lives, and they reach their beliefs through similar sources to those who are religious. Whatever your current belief structure, even if in flux, please name it in your thesis and use the sources of knowledge to explain 

how you arrived there. When you cite sources, please do so in the basic in-text format (Source name, page). For example, this is how to write the first paper (Edwards, 2). You must cite at least 3 different course readings (lectures, notes, handouts are okay to cite but only in addition to the readings).  minimum 1250 max 1500 vocabularies

Save Time On Research and Writing
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