Throughout this course we’ve practiced various reading, writing,


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4 pages due 2am

 just a friendly reminder, you need to give me the 1.brief revision plan (200 Words) first, Then i can post to instructor and he give me comments back. Then you can start 2.The revised essay (400 Words) 3.Cover memo/reflection (at least 300 words)  

Portfolio Project

Please do the following BEFORE you begin your revision.

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  • Create a brief revision plan for the essay (some notes about what you would like to revise and why).
  • What kinds of changes do you need to make? What time are you going to have in the next week and half to get it done?
  • Get approval for your revision plans from me. Post your plans below. Please read my comments on your essay for any changes you may need to make.

Please note that your score for this assignment depends on how well you can articulate the kinds of revisions you need to make. In addition, your plans will reflect how much attention you plan on giving to your essay revision, so be as detailed as you need to be.


Throughout this course we’ve practiced various reading, writing, critical thinking, and self-evaluation strategies. The final portfolio is your opportunity to 1) show what you have learned and 2) reflect upon your growth as a reader/writer/thinker/student. It’s also, of course, your opportunity to retype and revise an earlier essay now that you’ve gotten much more experience.


  • Choose one of your previous essays that you would like to retype and revise for your portfolio. Keep in mind that you may want to consider your first (or second) essay now that you’ve gotten so much more writing experience.
  • Get approval for your revision plans from me. Before you begin revising, post your plans on Canvas via the link in the “Portfolio” category. Please read my comments for any changes you may need to make.
  • Revise your essay.
    • Remember that I expect to see evidence that you’ve RETYPED your essay and made significant changes.
    • For example, if there are still some easy-to-fix grammatical/spelling/mechanical issues remaining in your revision (that is, the same ones that appear in your original draft), it tells me that you didn’t spend enough effort into this project.
    • Another example would be if you ignore what I’ve clearly identified in your comments as some major organization or structural issues and yet you do not address these concerns at all (or with minimal effort).
    • Even if you’re revising an essay that is already accomplishing a lot, I still expect you to expand your ideas. Aim for at least another page of material (either adding to your existing paragraphs, or including new material), or a combination of both).
      • Your revision must be at least around 300-400 words longer than your original draft.
    • The revision is NOT for a replacement assignment. Instead, it is an entirely NEW assignment.
    • Remember that I will be viewing your revision as if it is a new essay. This means that if you do not make very many changes, then I won’t give you credit for meeting the minimum labor requirements.
      • This also means that if I’m not convinced you did a full retype, or that it’s clear you didn’t spend much effort on your revision at all, then you can receive an “ignored assignment” designation.
  • Write a cover memo/reflection (at least 300 words) in which you discuss the revision process. How did you revise this particular essay? What did you notice going on in your thoughts as you were retyping and revising?
    • The goal of the memo is to convince me that you can read your own writing with a critical eye and that you can apply the knowledge and experience that you have gained in this course.
    • There will be a separate link for uploading the cover memo.

Here is a portfolio checklist (each of the following have separate links in Canvas):

  1. Portfolio proposal (at least 200 words)
  2. The revised essay
  3. Cover memo/reflection (at least 300 words)

 Please read the instruction carefully. It’s a porforlio. so it’s a 200+300+400 words in one file. This project is due 5/21 and that’s my deadline. Please being on time.  

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