Weekly check in 7 | Criminal homework help

For this week, let’s consider the current  debate about vaccinations. It is not a new debate, but it is especially  important given the current pandemic. View the materials in the  following link to a 2015 NPR story:

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Boy Who Had Cancer Faces Measels Risk From the Unvaccinated

Learn more about the anti-vaccination movement here:

The anti-vaccination movement

How do we approach antivaccination attitudes?

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How anti-vaccine sentiment took hold in the United States

In your original post for this weekly check-in, answer the following in at least a paragraph:

Why does Rhett Krawitt rely on other  children to be vaccinated? If you had a child like Rhett, would you  think the parents of his classmates have an obligation to vaccinate  their children? If you had a child with a classmate like Rhett, would  you ensure that your child was vaccinated even if you were unsure about  it before? Do your answers to these questions align better with  egalitarianism or libertarianism? Explain.

After you have created your original  post, be sure to reply to at least two classmates, one who has a view  similar to your own and one who has a view that differs from yours in  some way. Share your thoughts about the anything new you have learned  from the discussion or anything you have thought about in a new way that  is related to the debate about vaccinations.

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