Person-centered approach to care of a stroke patient with a pressure

 Case Study: Assignment brief (masters of adult nursing England UK ) Critically analyze the concept of a’ person-centered approach to care within your chosen field of nursing Module outcomes being assessed: LO1 Critically analyze the influence of legal & ethical principles together with professional guidelines in the delivery of safe and effective interprofessional nursing practice LO3 Critically analyze the challenges influencing nursing and health in the 21st century LO4 Critically evaluate the evidence underpinning the delivery of safe and effective person-centered care To meet these outcomes you are required to use a case study approach to critically analyse your engagement with a patient chosen from practice and to critically analyse the care provided. You will also be required to demonstrate your understanding of the contribution/impact of interprofessional nursing practice on patient care. The assignment will be a written paper of 3000 words (+/- 10%). Weighting: 75% of the overall module grade The case study approach will provide the opportunity to perform an in-depth analysis of an encounter with a patient where you were involved in the provision of care. The discussion should provide a critique of the care in the context of the evidence-based practice, including commentary on care that was not effective and exploration of possible reasons why this happened. This approach will involve a number of key skills: evidence gathering, organization of information, and critical analysis that demonstrates your understanding of the theories studied in the module. Guidelines: Introduction: – 10-15% of overall wordage [300-450 words] Anchor the topic in context: • Set the stage for the case study scenario. • Introduce the patient, and related circumstances leading up to the events to be addressed in the case study. • Include relevant supplementary information e.g. history/background to provide a clear insight into the issues to be addressed. • State the specific areas to be examined and the main points to be discussed • State the aims of your discussion • Demonstrate you are complying with the NMC Code of Conduct regarding maintaining the confidentiality and obtaining the chosen patient’s consent. Main Body: – 70-80% of overall wordage: [2100-2400 words] • Present an objective summary of the episode of care • Identify 2 or 3 aspects of person-centered care associated with the chosen care scenario and establish the main points to be discussed • Critically analyze and evaluate these aspects of care using relevant evidence paying specific attention to the module outcomes being assessed, relating theory to practice. • Offer recommendations/solutions to improve/resolve the issues addressed in the main body. Conclusion: – 10-15% of the overall wordage: [300-450 words] • Summarize & bring together the key points from the main body • Avoid introducing any new material • Identify the significance/implications of your findings • Link your conclusion to the wider context of nursing. • Reiterate learning gained for future practice • Consider the main message you want your reader to take away- ensure your conclusion is clearly supported by the evidence presented in the essay • Refer back to the learning outcomes and end on a well-reasoned, logical note. Marking criteria: – The case study will be marked according to the University master Level ( 7) Performance Desсrіptors SUBMISSION DATES AND ROUTE: Formative Submission: 26th April 2020 via file upload 

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