It317 week 3 assignment | Computer Science homework help

Week 3 assignment 

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This program shows how to use an extra tool, which is a button in the window.  When you click on the button the program jumps to the ‘terminate’ section. You can create a jump section by giving it any name and place that section somewhere for the program to go to just like the terminate section.

Program 3:


UpperLeftX  = 1

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UpperLeftY = 1

WindowWidth = DisplayWidth – 800

WindowHeight = DisplayHeight – 80

BackgroundColor$ = “red”

ForegroundColor$ = “yellow”

statictext #main.static, ” How is my window looking?” , 20,20, 600, 100

button #main.button1, “Exit”,[terminate], UR, 130, 150, 60, 40

open “Sample Window” for window as #main

print #main, “font Arial 16 bold”



notice ” See you later”

close #main

‘notice ” See you later”


Use Justbasic software 

Read chapter 3. Review all the documents in the weekly module before doing the assignment.  

Modify program 3 above to create your own program with the following modifications:

a) Choose different background and foreground colors. Make sure thee text is visible.

b) Create two buttons in the window instead of one.

c) Each button should give a different message when clicked.

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