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 The task is to explore the development of 1-2 key values you hold from high school until today and the impact those values have had on your own personal definition of eudemonia. The context is the following: ″We are in a profound time of change- the type of change historians write about and comment on with the benefit of analytical distance. Write a letter to your future child about this period of change. What would you like to tell him/her about how this virus has helped you better understand your own personal definition of eudaimonia? In the process talk about the development of 1-2 key values you hold and reflect upon them now in the middle of this crisis″. You should refer to Aristotle′s definition of eudemonia in Nicomachean Ethics, Plato′s Allegory of the Cave, and modern definitions of eudemonia such as in Steve Jobs′s Commencement Speech at Stanford in 2005. Here is the link for Steve Job′s speech: 

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