Select an occupancy containing significant quantities of fire


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Select an occupancy containing significant quantities of fire detection and protection equipment. Typically, public assembly buildings contain such equipment in sufficient quantities. If you select a large, campus-type occupancy, choose one of the larger buildings but be sure to write of the overall campus system as systems and or part of the systems will be shared. You will need to contact an owner, maintenance person or other responsible party that can give you access to all the systems.

You may want to confirm your choice with the instructor prior to getting heavily involved in the project.

A written Report will be submitted to the Canvas upload: Due (See Unit 16 in the Modules). Submit them in MS Word .doc or .docx format.

Your report should be written in a simple report format in 8-1/2 X 11

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The text length must be at least 800 words, double-spaced and includes photos and or diagrams of the items you are writing about. (approximately three written pages and a cover page – with photos and diagrams there will many more pages). Depending on how you write you may need to write more than 800 words to make your report interesting and convey your thoughts.

Use 12-point font with all margins set at one inch. If you cannot find enough information let me know so I can offer some advice.


A simple rule to follow regarding the content of the report: If the textbook mentions it and the occupancy has it, it needs to be included:

The text of the report should contain general information about the occupancy and all specifics of the fire detection and suppression equipment on site. You can also make the report interesting by provide other construction or features related to fire and life safety. Select a building with significant fire detection and suppression equipment and explain why you chose that particular building.

DO include images of the systems you are writing about.

Diagrams & Photographs
Diagrams and/or photographs shall be provided to amplify points made in the text of the report. Include a drawing of the campus indicating locations of outdoor fire protection equipment, fire department accesses, and the municipal water system. The location of all of the interior fire detection and suppression equipment must also be included.

Summary Page
A closing summary paragraph(s) should also be included.

The overall grade for the term project will be based on the following elements presented in the written report and class presentation:

1. Initiative: Did the student actively seek out an occupancy and make contact with the appropriate responsible person to provide them access?

2. Organization: Did the narrative text flow in a logical progression? Was the overall document organized according to the INSTRUCTIONS?

3. Appearance: Was the report completed in 8-1/2 x 11 inch format using the proper margins, 12-point font, and double-spaced? Was at least 800 words without including redundancy?

4. Introduction: Was there a short introductory paragraph and was it interesting and accurate?

5. Spelling/grammar: Was there an absence of spelling and grammar errors?

6. Identification of key elements: Were all of the fire protection elements identified and described accurately?

7. Terminology: Were the proper terms used to describe fire protection elements?

8. Use of visual aids: Were images, photographs and/or diagrams used to convey the idea or concept?

9. Summary: Was there a short closing summary paragraph and was it accurate?

10. Overall report: Was the overall report informative and educational illustrating salient points?

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