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For this paper, you need to first pick a topic that you want to learn about in the field of social work. You will then pick one peer reviewed journal from your local library system. These journals cannot be found through google. You have to use your college library to get access. The journal needs to be outlined by the scientific method’s steps of research. Analyze the journal article with the following outline. You will use this outline as your subheadings in the paper. The subheadings are typed on the left margin in bold print in the paper layout.

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  • Introduction: Describe the topic the journal is studying. Include any definitions they give and statistics on the topic.
  • Purpose of the study: What the study was focused on on what the authors wanted to learn.
  • Methods: How did the authors conduct the study? Who and what did they measure?
  • Findings: What were the results from their study? Describe all data found and provide numerical results.
  • Conclusion from the authors: What did the authors conclude from their findings? 
  • Textbook connection: Locate at least three terms from our textbook that explain or connect to this study and explain why.  
  • Conclusion: Summarize the most significant information you learned from the research. Give specific examples from the research and explain what key points you learned. How will this information help you in practicing social work?

This paper needs to be in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) format 7th ed. It needs to be at least six pages including the cover page and reference page. It is to be double-spaced, 12-point font. Some key APA notes to follow; page number is on the top right corner. Just the number . Do not use any templates for paper layout. The new edition of APA has removed the running head. Reference page is double spaced with the authors last name on the left margin and the following lines indented 5 spaces.

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