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Submit a 4-5 page paper answering the following questions as well as those you prepared before and/or asked during your interview.  Also, discuss what you learned from the experience, both about yourself as well as the legal field.  Will what you learned influence your academic or career path?

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Interviewed a paralegal 

1) Job description/ Responsibilities/ Time in position 

As a Paralegal, I meet with clients, set depositions and trials. I organize exhibits, review reports and pleadings including discovery. I train new incoming staff and attorneys to a certain degree (meaning on using our software, etc). I write the checks for incoming vendor invoices and various filing fees.

(2) How located job/ job application process; 

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I located my job through an ad in the newspaper. I submitted a resume and received a call for the interview. I was hired as a receptionist due to lack of work experience and worked my way up to a Paralegal in less than a year.

(3) Educational/Training background;

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Virginia State University. I have a Paralegal Certificate from Capital University Law School. 

(4) What would s/he have changed about “para/legal” training to make more relevant or useful? 

The interviewer believe that Paralegal training should include information on meeting with clients and organizational skills.

(5) What would s/he encourage future paralegals to study/learn?

I would encourage future Paralegals to stay up to date on new technology. I also believe they should be open to working in areas or firms that handle different types of law so they can hopefully gain exposure broaden their knowledge. They should be flexible and always willing to learn something new.


1. How has Covid affected the law office and it’s cases? Due to Covid, our law office did not have a Holiday party last year or other firm gatherings. Our annual firm conference with the attorneys was moved to a virtual setting. The average length of time a case is pending has been extended because trials and depositions had to be continued. I have recently set trials in Circuit Court for 2023.

2. Have you ever worked in a law office that specialize in a different practice. 


3. What have you learned by being a paralegal that wasn’t taught in school.

Learning how to bill for my time

on certain tasks/projects.

4. What has been your most difficult case and how did you over come it.

One of my most difficult cases pertained to a car accident involving multiple vehicles resulting in a fatality. Multiple attorneys were involved and in order to get organized, I created a chart to keep up with the deadlines, parties, witnesses and experts.

5. If you could choose a different career would you? why or why not?

I don’t think I would change my

career, maybe the type of law.

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