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After reading the article in Chapter 12, titled”On Campus and In The Kitchen”  on page 261, answer the following questions:

1 If your school had an app like Texas Tech, would you use it?
2 How many apps do you have on your smartphone? Which ones do you use most often?
3 What kind of app would be good for a medical center? Or a fitness center?

Posts #2 and 3: Respond to Classmates’ Posts


After you have created your initial post, look over the discussion posts of your classmates and give at least two thoughtful responses to two different classmates (one per classmate).

A response posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph. Word totals for these posts should be in the 50–75-word range. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate. The goal of your response posts is to extend discussions already taking place or pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Your goal should be to motivate the group discussion and present a creative approach to the topic.

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(Article below is from page 261)

#SocialMediaInAction-“On Campus and In The Kitchen”

Organizations and their public relations staffs are creating a number of creative, innovative apps that provide valuable information to users. Consider the following two examples:

Texas Tech University
Texas Tech (TTU) has developed its own app for stu- dents, faculty, and visitors. With a few clicks on a home screen, users can visit specific modules that provide information on everything from the hours of the dining commons, to the course catalog, to instructor contacts. There’s also a campus map that displays user location, a search function to find buildings, a plug-in to find the nearest shuttle stop, and a timer to show the length of the trip. A help module also gives students quick access to the university’s phone operator as well as the financial aid and student counseling offices. A 24- hour help line is also available, and students are invited to give feedback about the various modules. One new module displays TTU’s main Facebook and Twitter feeds and enables users to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare through the app itself.

Bertolli Olive Oil
A celebrity chef who gives tips about how to use olive oil in various recipes is the focus of an HD-format iPad app offered by Bertolli. The app’s primary goal is to ed- ucate consumers about the company’s three different olive oils and how each of them can be used on salads, pasta, and other foods.

The app offers more than five hours of content, including celebrity chef Fabio Viviani’s step-by-stepre l6 different recipes, more than 100 addi- tional step-by- step formatted recipes, menu suggestions, wine pairings, and detailed entertaining tips. There are also links so individuals can share content through Facebook and Twitter.

The Bertolli HD-iPad app sells for $2.99 at Apple’s App Store, but consumers can also purchase an
iPhone version for $l.99. “Our goal is to realize the try to put broadest possible reach for the app,” says Maria Hernandez Procaccini, brand manager for Bertolli, “and attaching a minimal price to it, as opposed to making it a free download, should
achieve that objective….” The Bertolli app will be publicized via other social media platforms. As Chef Viviani travels throughout the country to participate in various culinary events, he will post comments about the app and the various events on his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. In conjunction with the app’s release, Bertolli has also increased its Facebook and Twitter presence.

Grading Rubric

Your participation in this discussion will be graded using the following rubric. Please review and keep it in mind as you prepare your assignment.

CriteriaNot EvidentDevelopingExemplaryPointsSubmit initial response0 pts
No response10 pts
Response does not fully address the prompt20pts
Response thoughtfully addresses the prompt and invites response from peers.20ptsRespond to at least two peers0 pts
No response to peers2.5 pts
Responded to only one peer5pts
Responded to at least two peers5ptsTotal:25 pts

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