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“Memory errors. A help desk supervisor wrote the following in an email :“As our users’ PC sage, we are seeing indications that some of the RAM modules are beginning to experience intermittent failures. Microsoft apparently has a Windows Memory Diagnostic utility program that is available free. Please research the memory utility program, and let me know whether itis easy enough to use that we could run it on all our users’ PCs. 

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 Write a paragraph (at least 4 sentences or more, not run-on) at college-level (can check WORD software for terminology used to see if it’s for 12 years (high school senior)  or college-level (13th or 14th or beyond year)  to respond to the supervisor’s request. Write thorough explanation for a non-computer user (person that does not understand computers and does not know software) to be able to follow it. Of course, you can use captured screens of photos/pictures but no goofy clipart. 

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