This exercise requires designing a program which solves the problem


Module 3 Program Assignment: House Painting


This  exercise requires designing a program which solves the problem  described in the problem statement below. Provide comments as necessary  in your pseudo-code and the Java program.

Your solution must include these components:

  1. Flowchart
  2. Pseudo-code
  3. Hierarchy Chart
  4. Program Coded
  5. Program Output

Problem Statement

A  painting company has determined that to paint 115 square feet of wall  space, the task will require one gallon of paint and 8 hours of labor.  The company charges $20.00 per hour for labor. Design a modular program  that asks the user to enter the number of square feet of wall space to  be painted and the price of paint per gallon. The program should then  calculate and display the following data:

  • The number of gallons of paint required
  • The hours of labor required
  • The cost of the paint
  • The labor charges
  • The total cost of the paint job

Your program should contain the following modules:

  • Module main.  Accepts user input of the wall space (in square feet) and the price of a  gallon of paint. Calculates the gallons of paint needed to paint the  room, the cost of the paint, the number of labor hours needed, and the  cost of labor. Calls summaryPaint, passing all necessary variables.
  • Module summaryPaint.  Accepts the gallons of paint needed, the cost of the paint, the number  of labor hours needed, and the cost of labor. Calculates and displays  total cost of the job and statistics shown in the Expected Output.

Expected Output

Enter wall space in square feet: 500

Enter price of paint per gallon: 25.99

Gallons of paint: 4.3478260869565215

Hours of labor: 34.78260869565217

Paint charges: $112.99999999999999

Labor charges: $695.6521739130435

Total Cost: $808.6521739130435


You  must submit your solution as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) with all  components included in the one document. Also, submit the Java source  code file (.java).

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