Each presentation is graded on how well you address the following


Research Assignment: Catherine de Medici

Content things you MUST DO:

Each presentation is graded on how well you address the following areas:

  1. a brief identification and description of the topic
  2. explain the significance of the subject to the history of the time
  3. connect this subject to the major events occurring in the world around it (or “how is this subject typical or atypical of the time period in which he/she/it exists”)

Your grade will be influenced by how accurately and completely you answer these questions.

Written papers: If you chose to write a paper as your way of communicating what you learned about your research topic, your paper must be 4-5 typed pages, double spaced. You must answer the three questions listed above. You must email a copy AND post it on Canvas so anyone might read it. Beware of plagiarism! If I determine your paper has unattributed work (i.e. plagiarism), you will get a zero for this assignment.

4-5 References


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