Assignment climate change | Reading homework help


  1. Think of the region where you live, you are from, or you love to visit. How is the climate system represented in this region? In 3-5 sentences describe how various aspects of this region represent the climate system. Optional include a visual representation as well.

Example answer if I chose Seattle, WA:

I have family in the city Seattle. The atmosphere in Seattle is thick with clouds and water vapor seven months of the year. The hydrosphere is represented by the Pudget Sound and various lakes around the metro area. Mount Rainer represents both the lithosphere and the cryosphere. The cryosphere because it is snowcapped and the lithosphere because it is a stratovolcano. The lithosphere is very prominent around Seattle with both active and inactive volcanoes surrounding the area because of the subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate offshore. The city has a thriving biosphere of insects and deer.

  1. If the distance to the sun was the only factor in determining the surface temperatures of Earth and Venus, which planet would be warmer? Briefly explain why and give the average surface temperatures of the two planets in this scenario, assuming all sunlight is absorbed.

                       a) What is the global albedo of Earth?

                       b) What is the global albedo of Venus?

                       c) Which planet absorbs more actual sunlight – Earth or Venus?

                       d) What is the actual average surface temperature of Earth?

                       e) What is the actual average surface temperature of Venus?

4.Venus’ average surface temperature is much hotter than Earth’s

                      a) Which object would emit more radiation (have a higher intensity) Venus or the Sun? Support your answer                                   using radiation law(s).

                      b) Of the Earth, Venus, and the Sun, which would have the longest peak wavelength? The shortest? Support                                    you answer using radiation law(s).

5. In 3-5 sentences, explain the primary reason for the difference in temperatures between the two planets.

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