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John Augustus

Summarize the chapter and answer the following questions as part of your summary:

1. What was the attitude and role of Augustus’ wife in his probation work? Consider any direct or indirect references to her. Consider also the role of other women mentioned by Augustus. Augustus’ general attitude towards women, as inferred from his references to women, may be another important part of an answer to this question. 

2. Augustus mentioned the number of people transported in his horse carriage. He also gave the number of clients he handled each year. There is a vast discrepancy in these two sets of numbers. What are the numbers? Based on other things in the reading, how could this discrepancy be explained? 

3. Augustus gradually moved the bulk of his probation work from the Police Court to the Municipal Court. How much did he shift from one court to the other? Why? Did this affect the kinds of cases he handled? Did shifting to the Municipal Court bring a shift from probation to other work? 

4. Did handling different kinds of cases require different amounts and kinds of work on the part of Augustus? What were the different kinds of cases? What did he have to do in the different kinds of cases? What differences were there in the ways he handled different kinds of cases? What consequences did this have for his own life? 

5. Where did the money come from for Augustus’ probation work? Did the sources of money change as time went by? How much bail was he liable for? How much was he actually putting up? How did the expenses of probation affect his personal wealth? What assets did he have at the end? 

6. Why did Augustus stop his efforts to shut down houses of prostitution? What was different about these cases? What were the special difficulties with these cases? What was the opposition in these cases? Did Augustus think that police or other officials had connections to houses of prostitution?

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