Java – write a program that calculates how much an employee would

Write a program that calculates how much an employee would earn over a period of time (in months), if,
every month, the employee’ pay-per-hour rate is one dollar more than the month before (so if his starting perhour
rate is 7.25, next month it will be 8.25, next month 9.25, and so on). The employee is going to work 20
hours per week, 4 weeks per month.
The program should input from the user and validate both number of months (which should be a positive
integer larger than 0) and the pay-per-hour rate (which should be a floating-point number larger than $7.25 –
the minimum federal wage pay-per-hour rate). For each one of these values; if the value is wrong, the
program should repetitively ask for that value until the value entered is correct. The program should
confirm/output the correct value. See the INPUT number of months and INPUT pay-per-hour rate in the sample
run table below.
The program should display/output a table (the table lines are not required) that shows for each month the
employee’s salary, and show the total pay at the end of the period. The output should be displayed in dollar
amounts. Format your output to have a dollar sign ($) and the amount (with 2 decimals after the decimal
point). See OUTPUT in the sample run table below.
For example, this can be an example of program run with input and output: INPUT number of months
Enter the number of months worked:
You need to enter a positive number for the number of days. Try again!
Enter the number of days worked:
You need to enter a positive number for the number of days. Try again!
Enter the number of days worked:
You are going to be paid for 5 months.
Enter your starting per-hour pay rate:
You need to enter a value larger than the minimum wage pay-per-hour rate which is $ 7.25.
Enter your starting per-hour pay rate:
Your starting pay-per-hour rate is going to be 9.6.
Your salary for each month is:
Month 1: $768.00
Month 2: $848.00
Month 3: $928.00
Month 4: $1,008.00
Month 5: $1,088.00
Your total pay for the 5 months is $4,640.00.
Your program should work for any valid number of month and pay-per-hour rate. You can loose additional points according to the following table:
-5 For not documenting your code (should have a comment for each line of code , field, method, class, program,
-5 Every time you use a concept we did not study in class yet like user-defined functions, etc.
-5 For not using the correct program name or file name that does not have your name in it
-5 For not submitting the correct files
-25 For hardcoding the results ; i.e. printing out the expected results instead of computing the values and then
outputting the computed values
-50 For cheating
The program/project should be called [YourName]-Assignment5 (replace [YourName] with your actual
name). Take a screenshot of the editor window (showing the source code and the output) and save it as
[YourName]-Screenshot (make sure you preserve the image file extension) or paste it in a document called
[YourName]-Screenshot. Replace [YourName] with your actual name. Document your program (meaning
follow the Assignment Code Convention, explain what each line of code does).
SUBMIT the [YourName] and the [YourName]-Screenshot

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