Electronic records management in various areas

Check newspapers, Web sites, trade journals, and other sources of news or recent information for one or more topical mentions of electronic document management or record management in relation to one of, but not limited to, the following areas (This is not an exhaustive list.)

  • Personal electronic medical records
  • Records of national historical purpose such as email records from the White house
  • Company email records used in a lawsuit
  • Switching to medical records at hospitals
  • How the government (Medicare, Medicaid) uses electronic medical records
  • How pharmaceutical companies use electronic records
  • Electronic filing of tax returns at the IRS
  • Use of electronic signatures in real estate transactions
  • Electronic distribution of school transcripts
  • Electronic records management in doctors’ offices
  • Electronic document management systems in the court system
  • When and how health care providers will have to inform patients of a security breach
  • Electronic record management in the financial industry

Select one issue (or challenge) of electronic records management that has been covered in class in relation to the area you are interested in and write a 300-500 words response  that summarizes your findings (in your own words) and present your own position on the issue. Please locate and cite at least five sources to build your own position on the issue. The issues could be one of different functional components of a EDRMS, including retention, version control and management, check-in and check-out, classification, search and retrieval, security, privacy, and more. 

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