Article reflection | Human Resource Management homework help

 Read at least one of these articles and write a reflection – respond to each of the following questions. Use the question (or a synopsis of the question) as your paragraph headings: 


1. Which article(s) did you select and why?

2. Based on your personal experience and the observation of others, what is the impact for people who don’t heed the advice given in our readings? Discuss this in terms of impact to themselves, their direct reports, their children, spouses, etc. 

3. If you could go back and give your 18-year old self some advice based on your experiences so far, what would it be?

4. Can you give an example of someone you know who is a good role model for a healthy life and a successful career? If yes, what can you learn from him/her?

5. What can you do immediately to incorporate the ideas you came across in these readings?

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