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Replacing state standards with Common Core or “national standards” has brought significant changes to K-12 curriculum, pedagogy, high stakes testing programs, and even teacher/administrator evaluation systems. This very significant switch in philosophy from state’s rights to a national focus on both curriculum and accountability has created considerable debate and heated criticism.

Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3OGQBjKM8 DO NOT SITE OR QUOTE THE VIDEO

Reflect on the state of public education by answering these questions. SITE THE TEXT BOOK ATLEAST ONCE. (Textbook page is attached.)

Have the years of high stakes state level testing led to “teaching to the test” and left graduates from K-12 programs unprepared for the job market? Explain.

Has the adoption of Common Core State Standards enhanced or hindered the educational process? Explain. 

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